The Gift

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Turning the page,

on yet another year,

She wondered if it was finally her time.

To live for herself,

and take her life off the shelf,

To tackle that mountain and climb.

But the journey seemed far, 

and she had waited so long,

She’d grown weary from inside the gate,

She had learned how to be,

while dreaming to be free,

And she now pondered if it was too late.

Then she remembered a gift, 

she had hidden away,

a very very long time ago.

So she wrapped it back up, 

and gave it to herself,

with a great big giant red bow.

And as she opened that gift,

from her former self,

She started to remember all those things,

And when she lifted the lid, 

tucked neatly inside,

Were her dusty old first pair of wings.

Tattered and worn, well used and ruffled,

she felt the gossamer texture once more.

They were lying in wait,

for a moment this great,

Destined to once again soar.

So she quick put them on, and marveled at the fit,

It was as if no years had gone by.

But the true gift meant to be,

wasn’t in the box you see…

It was in the remembering, that she could still fly.

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