The Finish Line

photos: same year-different races

What if, when you started a race, you were not told where the finish line was?

What if you had no idea how far it was, or even if you could get to it?

What if, as you were running, they threw up obstacles, and moved it farther and farther away ?

What if, you were discouraged from trying to get to it, by being told to give up, and made to feel like it was hopeless……..?

Would you still do it?

What if you knew, that at that finish line, there was a huge reward, an enormous payoff of epic proportions? And that you did not even need to be the first one to get there, because it would be given to all who crossed it?

What if, all you needed was to believe that you would get there, and it would be true? What if there were a huge crowd of supporters cheering you on as you ran that race, and just as many others running beside you in search of the same finish line?

Would you still continue after the starting gun fired?

Would you push yourself to continue despite the uncertainty?

If you knew it was there, waiting for you, somewhere, would you keep going?

Well, you are.

That race has already begun.

You are running it now.

The obstacles are real.

Don’t give up.

The reward is there,

no matter how long it takes you to cross it,

that finish line-

It awaits you.

If it rains, open your umbrella.

If your tired, know you are not alone.

If it gets dark, turn on your flashlight.

If you feel weak, remember you are strong.

So run, walk, or crawl, but never stop-

Because the finish line is real,

And its there………

waiting for you.

[The two photos above were taken in the same year, just 8 months apart, in April 2013 and December 2013.]

5 thoughts on “The Finish Line

  1. How did you do it in 8 months??? I started at 252. I am now roughly 232.4… I have been following weight watchers loosely up until a month ago. Then I buckled down. I follow you on connect and my question is how could you lose all that in 8 months. You are awesome. You look awesome and I’m just pondering for any tips you may have. I am all ears and eager!

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    1. It took a total of 19 months to lose it all. It took a little over six months to lose the first 50 pounds, and that is where I was in that first picture. Those two pictures that you are referring to are eight months apart, and I did go from 228 pounds down to 148 pounds in those eight months. But the last 20 pounds took five months of keeping my head in the game. But honestly, around the time I had lost that first 50 lbs-right at the beginning of that eight month period- that is when I started Zumba, and playing tennis, and training for upcoming races. I followed the program and tracked all of my food and activity, and bumped up my exercise to next level. After that 50 pound award, I really hit the ground running and gave it my 100% effort. I’m pretty sure that’s what gave me the 10 pounds a month that I ended up losing.


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