The Bully

I walked,

My head down,

when the girl looked my way-

I dared not look up,

For fear of what she would say.

“You’re a failure,

a disappointment”,

I had heard it all before-

“You’re ugly, you’re fat,

you deserve nothing more”.

I tried not to flinch,

As I felt every jab,

The girl was relentless,

With every sharp stab.

Her words were like claws,

Stripping me bare,

And exposing my flesh

To a disapproving glare.

Shaming and blaming,

I wanted to go,

And hide away from the girl

that had tormented me so.

And when I finally looked up,

To shield myself from disgrace,

It was a mirror that I saw,

And the girl had my face.

And all those hurtful words,

Of which I wanted to be free?

Well those words were my own,

And that bully was me.




© Kellee Kate and Same Hat Different Me. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from Kellee Kate is strictly prohibited.

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