The Warrior


There’s a reason why they call it a weight-loss battle.

Because deciding to commit to a weight-loss journey is a lot like declaring war-

You need to have the mindset from the get go, that you are going to be the victor.

When you go into a war situation (and history will back me up on this), you need to do everything in your power to put the odds in your favor.

Once you declare war, in order to lay the groundwork for your victory, you basically have to go “all in”.

You must assemble your army, choose your weapons, develop your strategy, and execute your defensive tactics. You need to anticipate the opposition, and prepare yourself with countermeasures.

War is no joke.

You must anticipate that your foe will thwart you at every turn, and prepare yourself to evade them. You have to ready yourself for battle.

Every morning when you wake up, you have to put on your game face, and decide that today you will fight, and never surrender!

Everyone that is rooting for you is in your army. We are all your comrades in arms.

You are a warrior.

Your discipline is your strategy.

Exercise is your weapon, and tracking calories is your tactical maneuver.

So strap on that body armor, soldier

Lace up your boots, wrestle yourself into that sports bra, and strengthen your fortress with a pair of Spanx!

The time has come to rally the troops and ride out victorious into the fray……..

Because you, are a warrior,

and victory is only won by those who fight!

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