The Upgrade

I had definitely outgrown the old model.

It had served me well enough over the years and fulfilled its minimum requirements, but it had limited capabilities, lower performance, and diminshing appeal.

I had driven it around my whole life, and it was time for a change. Time for something more lightweight, smaller, faster and more streamlined.

Somehow, I had ended up with a model that no longer fit my needs. 

I wanted more out of it then I was getting, and the only way to access better performance, with improved quality and a higher return on my investment, was to go for the upgrade.

But what were the terms?

What was the cost?

Would it be worth it?

I had questions.

I had mulled it over for sometime, and now I wanted to know more.

I knew what I wanted, and I was willing to pay.

I was a bit skeptical, but I had investigated my options, and done my due dilligence with exhaustive research.

I didn’t really need all the bells and whistles, but I knew that I did need it to have a good solid core with minimal maintenance.

Something that would offer an extended warranty, something that was dependable, and had dynamic fuel efficiency. I needed a model that allowed for enhancements, and gave me more of everything.

I knew it needed to be done.
So I signed on the dotted line.

And then, I paid for that upgrade, with my sweat equity, my determination, my time, and all of my hard work.

I invested more into that upgrade then I had ever imagined I would be willing to put in.

I sacrificed to make those payments, because I knew, that in the end, that upgrade was going to open up a whole new world and change my life.

And I was right.

That upgrade to the new me was worth the hefty investment.

The “Me 2.0” was finally on the road.

I drove it off the lot the day I hit goal, and it has continued to appreciate in value ever since.

Turns out, some motivation and confidence was included, but the extra motivation was sold separately. I had to source that for myself, and I was happy to find that it was indeed compatible with my upgrade.

Now I am on a day to day lease option.

Every day I renew it, and every day I make a new decision that I still want this upgrade.

Each time, signing again on that dotted line, each day recommitting to its upkeep.

My upgrade has been extremely useful……

And it takes me everywhere I need to go, especially to all those formerly unreachable places that my old model could not venture.

Sometimes, I like to pretend, that I’m out there zipping around through the winding streets of a far off European city, with my stripey scarf blowing behind me in the breeze…

Poised with excitement toward the unwritten future, and looking off into the vast distance of possibilties, while pondering all of the delightful baguettes and espressos that I will have once I arrive at my exotic destination….
oooh la la!

But, my favorite thing so far, is definitely that fancy “new girl” smell.

La vie est belle mes amis!

(Life is beautiful my friends!)

So, what are we waiting for?

Let’s ride!!!!!

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