The Birthday Suit


I pulled,

and I pinched,

and I yanked,

and I tugged.

I turned,

and I squinted,

and I nodded,

and I shrugged.

I tucked,

and I folded,

and I squeezed every bit-

But no matter what I did,

that suit would not fit.

It would not be tailored-

or ironed or nixed,

It could not be remedied,

it could not be fixed.

I had washed it

and dried it,

and did everything I could-

but that that suit would not cooperate,

that suit was no good.

What now was too loose,

was at one time too tight,

I had stretched it,

and shrunk it,

trying to get it just right.

I couldn’t trade it in,

and I couldn’t buy another,

I was stuck with that suit,

and I would not get any other.

Exhausted by the struggle,

I decided to ask,

“Why do you oppose me,

in completing this task?”

The suit answered back,

“I do not work to this end,

I wish to work together,

I want to be your friend.”

I’d gone about it all wrong,

I never saw it that way,

of consulting the suit,

to give it its say.

The suit was my ally,

My champion,

My sage.

We needed each other,

to be on the same page.

So I finally decided,

if the suit could not budge,

it was I,

that would need,

the eventual nudge.

To accept its condition,

and to wear it without pause,

no matter its state,

no matter its flaws.

To treat it with kindness,

putting scrutiny aside,

To be grateful for its resilience,

and wear it with pride.

That suit had stuck with me,

through thick and through thin,

Through tears of disappointment,

of starting all over again.

Through the gains and the losses,

and the ups and the downs,

That suit had not wavered,

no matter the grounds.

And the less that I struggled,

the more I loved every ounce,

For its not how the suit fits…………

but how you wear it,

that counts.




© Kellee Kate and Same Hat Different Me. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from Kellee Kate is strictly prohibited.

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