The Turning

As the pendulum swings in measure,

The hands of time have moved once more-

For the shift has come from cadence,

The sway that unlocks this temporal door.


The equinox chimes in balance,

All things equal of day and night-

As soon the darkness gathers,

With the fading of the light.


The change is now upon us,

That which revolves, comes back around-

By letting go of olde,

We gain strength to stand our ground.


You can feel the weather shifting,

When an icy chill comes in the air-

And with the summer quickly drifting,

Autumn’s bluster comes to bear.


With the Harvest Moon above,

The shadows dance into the night-

Beckoning forth the season,

And bringing with them Fall’s delight.


For the time has come to gather,

To reap and sow the bounty store-

As the pendulum swings in tempo,

The time of planting is no more.


The tides of harvest bring the feasting,

And spells of merriment shall ensue-

So as we celebrate the turning,

We bid farewell to embrace the new.


Of fire hearth and home we craft,

Of crimson, umber, and gold-

May the season find you hopeful and well…

And welcome you into its fold.

A blessed and bountiful Autumnal Equinox to all.


© Kellee Kate and Same Hat Different Me. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from Kellee Kate is strictly prohibited.

2 thoughts on “The Turning

  1. I’m not ready for autumn & can’t stop the change but I can gear myself up for what lies ahead. Beautiful pictures & I recognize the first leaf picture I believe.

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    1. This poem is simply beautiful. Fall, for me, is one of both joy and sadness. Joyful memories from childhood — sweater weather, the warmth of the house when I would step in from playing outside in the chilly weather, the smell of Sunday dinner from my mothers kitchen, hitting my nose and making my stomach grumble asking, “When will dinner be ready?” Sad memories from my mid-thirties — darkness growing ever nearer both in daylight and life, my husband fighting and losing his battle with cancer making my heart ache asking, “When will this suffering end?”. Peace and blessings this season.

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