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The Gathering

“With Halloween upon us,

 the ethereal veil grows thin-

And the witching hour grows nearer,

with the crossing about to begin.

For as they journey past the threshold,

into the fading light-

we welcome them,

one and all,

on this blessed All Souls Night.”

-Intro to ‘The Gathering’

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The Turning

As the pendulum swings in measure,

The hands of time have moved once more-

For the shift has come from cadence,

The sway that unlocks this temporal door.


The equinox chimes in balance,

All things equal of day and night-

As soon the darkness gathers,

With the fading of the light.


The change is now upon us,

That which revolves, comes back around-

By letting go of olde,

We gain strength to stand our ground.


You can feel the weather shifting,

When an icy chill comes in the air-

And with the summer quickly drifting,

Autumn’s bluster comes to bear. Continue reading The Turning