The Gathering

       ~The Gathering~

A nameless force,

an unknown grace,

has drawn me here,

unto this place.


To this grove,

this ancient site,

where all who are crossing,

will travel this night.


The Gathering is upon us,

with enchantments cast,

weaving a web,

telling tales of the past.


Alone in the twilight,

ancestors so near,

I dare not to question,

what has brought me here.


A portal of wood,

between two trees,

opens the gate,

bringing me to my knees.


Calling the winds,

with whispering chants,

my circle is cast,

so I must dance.


So dance I do,

with my eyes shut tight,

swinging in the mists,

of this hallowed night.


A fire bold,

flickering true,

in this place of the olde,

I am born anew.


The smoke is scrying,

of ancient drums,

vibrating echoes,

of more to come.


The veil is lifting,

neath the crescent moon,

barefoot and chosen,

I shall greet them soon.


Swaying amongst,

the pillars of stone,

cloaked in vines,

I am not alone.


My Coventry beckons,

so again I must dance,

The Gathering is here,

I am kindred at a glance.


With candle, fire,

and lantern light,

I guide these voyagers,

on All Souls Night.


Through this gateway,

they silently tread,

into the world of the living,

from the embers of the dead.


With arms outstretched,

head back, palms high,

I embrace these travelers,

of times gone by.


Underneath the shadows,

of watchtowers tall,

I now walk amongst them,

answering their call.


Echoing cries,

of sisters burned at the stake,

wisdom and serenity,

linger in their wake.


And The Wheel, as it turns,

sacred and rich,

carves out of its bosom,

the path of the witch.

© Kellee Kate and Same Hat Different Me. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from Kellee Kate is strictly prohibited.

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