The Waltz of the Leaves


Said the wind to the leaves, 

May I have this dance?”

and the leaves, as they blushed,

all leapt at the chance.

To spin in the dervish,

of the gale’s fierce bluster,

to feel the mighty force, 

all of nature could muster.

For the leaves hold on tight,

and wait all season long,

to feel the flurry underneath them, 

when the wind plays their song.

Collecting their adieus,

and just waiting for the day,

when the whirlwind comes calling,

and the music starts to play.

Holding their breath,

and awaiting their turn,

to dance in the tempest,

with a gasp and a yearn.

For they twirl, and they whirl, 

whilst they ride on the sound,

til the torrent lets them go, 

and they float to the ground.

With a cyclonic farewell,

it all comes to an end,

betwixt the bittersweet frolic,

of their affair with the wind.

In the caress of the zephyr,

they linger for a kiss,

as they sigh and they vie,

for their last breath of bliss.

One last sweet release,

with a flourish and a flair,

as they accept the invitation,

to launch into the air.

And with a cackle and a crackle, 

they embrace their one chance…

For the waltz of the leaves,

is Autumn’s last dance.

© Kellee Kate and Same Hat Different Me. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from Kellee Kate is strictly prohibited.

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